New AY 4.2 Delta Variant Is Identified As A Rising Variant

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What is AY 4.2 Subvariant of Delta?

AY 4.2 Delta Variant of Corona Virus
AY 4.2 Delta Variant of Corona Virus

AY 4.2 Delta Variant is a most newest mutation of the SARS COV-2 virus. It is a sub lineage of Delta Variant of this coronavirus.

The University of Columbia carried out a deep dive research on the mutations of Coronavirus and based out of the research it has identified as many as 75 lineages of this virus. The most concerning variant is AY 4.2. It is one such sub lineage of Delta Variant which is rapidly spreading out in many countries specifically in UK. There has been a drastic spike in the cases of Delta variant cases in recent months.

Is AY 4.2 different from Delta Plus Variant?

In the recent months, it was believed that the Delta Plus variant is a different mutation B. (AY 1), it was initially identified in few states of India. AY 1 was a variant of concern for the people and the government as it was spreading very rapidly. Further, the new Sub lineage of Coronavirus AY 4.2 is said to be more threatening, as it is spreading in many parts of the world.

However, both of these coronavirus mutations falls under the umbrella of Delta variant. Hence, it can be critical and threatening at the same time. The government of many countries are trying their best to provide vaccination to most for their people but its way far from efficient implementation.

Symptoms and danger of AY 4.2 Subvariant

At present, it is difficult to comment on unique symptoms of AY 4.2 Delta variant as it is still unknown. Experts believe that the symptoms are more or less same as other variant of coronavirus. However, AY 4.2 Delta variant is more infectious and it spreads rapidly.

Further, it is also unknown that vaccinations like Pfizer, Sputnik V, Covaxin, covishield, etc can prevent you from AY 4.2 Delta variant. However, it has been identified by the experts that this sub lineage of Delta Variant has a concerning mutation, which affects the Virus’s NSP3 protein and that plays a very vital role in viral replication.

AY 4.2 Delta Variant precautions
AY 4.2 Delta Variant precautions

Should you be worrying at this stage of AY 4.2 Variant?

The researchers and experts are working on the mutation of this virus. The abstract of the research has not been released by the experts as to how infectious it is and how fact it can spread. However, the major challenge is which is concerning and alarming for the government and people is that how effective is our vaccinations for this variant. We should take precautions from this Virus by using double masks and by keeping our hands clean.